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Becoming A Better Singer

Although many people love to sing in the shower, few love to sing in public. There is something about a crowd that frightens us, and we find it difficult to breath. Since breath support is essential for vocal quality, we can never sing in public until we have mastered breath control. However, when we can control our breathing in front of a crowd, we have cleared the greatest hurdle for singing in public.

Nevertheless, we should continue to practice in the shower. The advantage is that we can easily hear our own vocal quality in the closed confinement. The open space of an auditorium sends the sound away from us, and we cannot discern the musical quality as well. Other considerations are encountered when using sound systems in large auditoriums, and performing in auditoriums without sound systems.

If we are singing into a microphone, we do not need to sing with a lot of volume. In addition, the enunciation is picked up clearly so that we do not need to stress the syllables with as much emphasis as we do when singing without a sound system. The stress given to syllables fade on the way to the back of the auditorium, and the listeners fill in the sounds for themselves.

The only way to be certain that we enunciate clearly is to find someone who listens with a critical ear. Most people will fill in the blanks just as we do, but someone with a critical ear is needed to correct enunciation problems. When searching for local music & singing lessons it is important to ensure you find a professional, experienced teacher. For example, you might want to read a TakeLessons review or two before signing up for lessons.

Of course, those of us who already sing solos and in church choirs might believe that we don’t need to take lessons. However, if we recall the first time we recorded our voices, we also recall the shock of how we sounded. Obviously, we should have learned that we cannot trust our own judgment to determine how well we sing. In order to become better singers, we need someone to listen to us with critical ears.

A qualified person listening to us sing challenges us to higher goals. We become better when we have teachers who can take us to our highest potential. Our greatest task is to find teachers who can inspire us to become better singers.

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