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Festival of Colours – India

If you love to travel and want to experience a once in a lifetime festival ...

Why do people still celebrate solstices & equinoxes at Stonehenge?

Over twenty thousand people celebrated the summer solstice at Stonehenge in 2013. This ritual has been going on there since possibly the neolithic age, according to some studies. But many things remain a mystery about this ancient monument. Scientists cannot agree on how Stonehenge was created, but they do know that solstices and equinoxes have [...]

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The Algarve’s Finest Museums

The Algarve region of Portugal is full of rich history and colourful culture. If you’ve never been there before then you will enjoy the area’s beauty and the diverse activities found in each town. It’s located in the southern part of the country, surrounded by a dramatic and rocky coastline. The beaches’ crystal blue waters [...]

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Top 5 Things to Do In the Caribbean In 2014

The clear blue waves lap across the golden sandy beaches. Palm trees sway peacefully amongst the beautiful, crisp blue skies. The Caribbean is quite simply one of the most idyllic locations on the planet. But behind the peace and tranquillity of the dazzling coastline lies a whole host of exciting events and attractions happening each [...]

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Top 5 places to visit in Nova Scotia, Canada

Widely considered one of the most beautiful parts of the world is Nova Scotia. It is Canada’s southernmost province and borders the Atlantic Ocean. It is the perfect combination of stunning rolling landscapes and beaches where people regularly indulge in hiking, surfing and whale watching. Not to mention it has some of the best golf [...]

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October in Europe

Autumn is a wonderful season for many cultural encounters. A fantastic number of European cities start to reveal their cultural heritage and expose it to the audience, making a beautiful display of history and fine art. Europe starts to really shine during the autumn, leaving tourists mesmerized by the beautiful festivals and cultural events spread [...]

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Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher by Ofer Levy (Creative Commons)

Watch the wilderness spring to life during a getaway in the woods

As Fall is just around the corner in some areas of the world, other areas are just about to get showered with the beautiful wonders of Spring. And, as any passionate bird enthusiast knows, Spring is when the birds come out. Also, it just happens that we have the perfect place for you to go [...]

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Pad See-Yew

Thai Cuisine You Have to Try in Phuket This Year!

The sandy shores of Phuket are a popular attraction all year round not only for tourists, but also for restaurateurs. The delectable aromas and flavours of Thai cuisine constitute a vital part of any trip to Phuket, and Thai cuisine offers a great deal of variety, both in gastronomic terms and in monetary terms. In [...]

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Top City Attractions In Paris

France, and in particular Paris, have long since been popular tourist destinations, and this has been shaped by the fact that Paris is considered by many to be the capital of fashion, love and cuisine. With so many fantastic attractions such as museums and monuments, it is easy to see why the city receives millions [...]

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Best Cultural Festivals in Europe this Fall

Fall is a great time to visit Europe. If you get lucky you might catch some sunny days, not to mention that the harvest season is at its fullest, prices are lower and festivals come to life. Museums reveal their newest exhibitions whilst theaters and movies present their latest pieces. All in all, if you’re [...]

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The Art of Travel – Exploring America’s Creativity Capitals

From sky-scraping metropolises to itty-bitty college towns, America is filled with destinations designed to get your creative juices flowing. The coolest spots, however, aren’t always in obvious places. Plan a trip to one of these artistic hideaways, and get ready to see the States like never before. Portland, Oregon Boasting the motto Keep Portland Weird, [...]

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